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School Information

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Program Structure

Once we agree on a program and the below parameters, our team will be in touch to make sure our coaches are in full compliance with your district standards. We will also work with your program coordinator to ensure our coaches know what to expect when they arrive.


Additionally, we have options for school sponsored programs if you have budgeted funds for programs. We are able to get creative to design a program that fits within your budget. If you are interested in learning more about this option.

Please email


How many days per week? (typically 1)


What time would the sessions start?


Length of each session? (typically 1 hour)


When will the program start and when will it end?


Depends on answers to the above questions (reach out for more info)


We determine how we will work together to get the word out to

families about the new program.


Alexa Young, CA

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Enrichment Offerings

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