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Parents Information

01. What items does my child needs to bring to the program?

Do they need a uniform?

Please have a water bottle and athletic shoes for the day of the program. No uniform is required. Your child can bring a change of clothes if they would like to. Other than that BBA will provide all other equipment needed for the program.

How do they get to the program?

While each school is different, the teachers will be notified that your child is enrolled in the program and will direct your child to the pickup location (typically at the front office or the cafeteria). Once at the pickup location our instructor will pick up your children and direct them to the location of the program.

Where do I pick them up?

When you register your child on our website, you will indicate if they are a car rider or go to afterschool. Our coach will drop off the aftercare students at the designated place determined by the school. They will then drop off the children at the car rider line for parents to pick them up. If your child is a walker, please indicate on the form and we will comply with the school's rules.

Can my child trial the program out before we pay?

Yes, we can absolutely accommodate this. Please email to make arrangements. When you contact us please include your child’s name, the school and program they are wanting to attend, their teacher’s name and if they are a car rider or go to aftercare.

Is the program outdoors?

It depends on the program offered and the school, but typically all basketball, soccer and kickball programs are outdoors.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, please reach out to to receive a code to use at checkout.

Are there games on the weekends?

No, our programs are only at the schools on the designated days and times we indicate on the website.

Waiver & Policy

General Liability Waiver

WE/I have adequate insurance coverage and give permission for the following to attend and participate in

BBA Basketball Training.

My athlete(s) have had a recent physical exam and may participate in all the activities of BBA Basketball Training. WE/I give permission for said person(s) to receive necessary treatments from a member of the staff in an emergency.

WE/I agree to hold harmless from and indemnify the staff of BBA from any claims which may hereafter be incurred as a result of participation in this camp.

Photo Waiver

In the case that we would like to use a photo of your son and/or daughter on our website and/or brochure, please give your permission by signing the registration form.

Refund & Use Policy

No refunds unless there is a valid reason, sickness, or injury. We must be notified of cancellations 2 weeks before the start date to receive a full refund.

Same day sign-ups, BBA cannot guarantee if your child is signed up 24 hours prior to the start of the program, your child will be able to participate. Please call the school office to let them know you signed your child up.

Disciplinary Action: In the event that a school informs BBA that a child is under disciplinary action, BBA reserves the right to remove the child from the program. Please note that there will be no refunds issued in such cases.

Weather Policy

BBA will do everything possible to work with the school to have an indoor space in case of weather. However, if there is not an indoor space, BBA is only able to make up one session due to weather, depending on the school's policy.

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