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Bellucci Basketball Academy (BBA), founded in 2008 by Ben Bellucci as a personal passion project, initially focused on delivering high-quality basketball coaching and training to youth athletes in Syracuse, NY. As time passed, BBA expanded its scope, diversifying its services to encompass various sports and fitness programs, ultimately reaching a broader audience. Notably, the academy achieved recognition for nurturing several young athletes who would go on to achieve success in collegiate and professional basketball, underlining its commitment to holistic athlete development that encompassed skills, fitness, and character building. BBA's unwavering dedication to safety and quality formed the basis for valuable partnerships with schools and organizations, facilitating the provision of comprehensive sports programs and solidifying its reputation for excellence, attracting students and athletes from the local community and beyond.


Building on this foundation, BBA After School emerged as an extension of Bellucci Basketball Academy, with the aim of providing after-school sports and enrichment programs. Its inception was driven by the desire to create a safe, enjoyable environment where children could engage in skill development, physical activity, and character building. BBA After School rapidly gained popularity among schools and parents, lauded for its engaging and educational programs. The academy's commitment to safety was evident in its rigorous background checks and coaching training. Over time, the program expanded to offer a diverse range of sports, including basketball, soccer, yoga, and more, extending its reach across multiple states and enriching the lives of countless students. As it continues to evolve and adapt its offerings to meet the evolving needs of schools, parents, and students, BBA After School remains dedicated to its core mission of promoting physical activity and instilling a love for sports in young minds, a commitment reflected in the growing number of children who actively participate and benefit from its programs.

At BBA After School, our mission is to passionately serve students, parents, and schools nationwide. We are dedicated to enhancing the educational experience by offering a diverse range of enrichment programs for elementary schools throughout the country. Recognizing the demanding schedules of school administrators and teachers who prioritize delivering exceptional care and instruction during the school day, we step in to alleviate the burden of organizing after-school activities. BBA is unwavering in our commitment to streamline the coordination and communication needed to operate a seamless and impactful enrichment program. Our pride lies in the continuous progress and accomplishments of our students as they participate in our programs, ensuring their ongoing success.



Enrichment Offerings

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